Design a Restaurant Website That Converts
Part 2: CTAs, Security, Social Proof

March 4, 2019


Calls-to-action, or CTAs, are the design features of your website that lead to a conversion.  For example, the button that someone would click to place an online order.

A call-to-action will often appear as a:

  • pop-up
  • banner or graphic
  • button
  • link

Your CTA needs to be very clear and enticing, so the website visitor is compelled to follow through.  All roads lead to this conversion gateway, so there are a few strategies to consider when planning a CTA.

For instance, the placement is important.  An “Order Now” button needs to be easily discernible, such has having a bold color and appearing at the top of every page.  While a visitor is browsing a menu, he needs to be able to swiftly add items to a cart or contact the restaurant, without having to navigate around the website for the next step.

Then, the copy of the CTA itself, and the words that introduce it, need special attention.  You need a balance of persuasive language and clarity.  Words like “new” and “now” and “exclusive” and “limited” are tried and tested marketing terms.


If your website collects personal information via a form, your assurances that your site is secure can make the difference between whether the visitor will provide their info or not.  This can be a simple line of text next to the form’s submit button that says, “We keep your info safe, and we won’t send you spam”.

More importantly, if you’re offering online ordering, having a secure payment gateway is vital, or your site visitor will turn around and visit a competitor’s site.

In fact, in light of all the website security breaches and website visitor tracking in today's digital landscape, users will feel a lot more comfortable when they first land on your site if you show it's secure (i.e. https) and you're transparent about collecting user data.

Social Proof

We mentioned earlier how testimonials offer “social proof” that your restaurant is worthy of a visitor’s business.  A happy customer’s word-of-mouth recommendation will connect with a potential customer more than what you say about your own restaurant.  

In addition to testimonials, there are lots of other social proof features that you can include on your site that will help convert your visitors.

1. Social media advocates

Aside from a text, image or video testimonial, you can also embed positive things said about you on social media.  What’s great about an embedded tweet or Instagram post is that it comes from a customer on their own public account.

2. Reviews and ratings

Like social media posts, the reputation of the reviewer/rater is on the line, so adding reviews and ratings from third party sites (like Yelp) can go a long way to convince visitors.  A positive review from a food critic can be especially effective.

3. Celebrity endorsement

Ever had someone famous (or at least, well-known locally) eat at your restaurant?  An endorsement from him or her would elevate your brand’s reputation.

4. Media mentions

If you’ve ever been featured in a magazine or newspaper or television program, let people know by including a phrase like “As featured in…”

5. List certifications or awards

Build credibility by showing logos of awards your restaurant has earned, or certifications (e.g. certified green restaurant).

6. Social following

Naturally social proof can be achieved by promoting your popularity on social media.  For example, next to your social platform follow buttons, you can list how many followers you have.

7. Software and hardware integrations

When you offer online ordering, you can include the name of the company (e.g. powered by eHungry) to associate your unknown restaurant with a reputable brand.

Marketing Features

Thanks to the wonders of technology, you’re able to strategically promote certain menu items and offers at ideal moments during someone's website visits.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little nudge towards a deal or valuable digital asset to get a visitor to cross the finish line.

1. Coupons and discounts

Everyone loves a deal! Offering coupons and discounts can be a really effective way to move a potential customer from consideration to decision.

By the way, this not only works well to convert new website visitors, but it can also help to get returning customers to order more than they might have planned.

Learn more about how offering coupons to your website visitors at strategic times can encourage a visitor to complete an order before they abandon their cart.

2. Upsell

Another great way to get website visitors to spend more at your restaurant is to automatically provide relevant suggestions of menu items when they add an item to their cart, or when they're ready to check out.

It's a win-win situation, as your customer doesn't have to browse your menu for these common additions like sides or beverages. Also, you can introduce menu items that a visitor might not have discovered on his own.

eHungry's automated upsell module is included with our online ordering software, and it's designed to boost your average ticket value.

3. Email list

Often, a conversion won't happen during a person's first visit. He might just be browsing, or isn't sold on your messaging yet.

The best way to stay in touch with your website visitors to lure them back is via email, where you have a direct connection to their digital inbox. The trick is getting their email address first (obviously).

Whether they have ordered from you before, or they just discovered your site, offering something valuable in exchange for their email addresses is key.

Some offers you can provide when requesting an email address include:

  • blog subscription
  • newsletter to learn about upcoming deals and events
  • register for online ordering account

Once you've got permission to reach out via email, you'll be able to stay top-of-mind and grow your revenue through direct offers.

Learn more about how offering coupons and upselling to website visitors can increase conversions.

Looking for more tips on designing a restaurant website that convinces visitors to place orders?

Check out the first part of our Designing A Restaurant Website that Converts, where we look at important design features like copywriting, images and video, and navigation.

Behold: Online Ordering Software,
Optimized for Conversions

Besides giving you the incredible ability to take orders online, eHungry’s online ordering software is conversion-focused, infused with many of the strategies mentioned above:

  • prominent mobile-friendly CTAs
  • secure site
  • create coupons
  • upsell module
  • email automation

Plus, since you can create unlimited, customizable pages, you can build your whole website with eHungry's platform. With no monthly hosting fee!

Get started today, or learn more about our robust online ordering features.

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