Online Marketing for Restaurants

Make Sure Your Online Ordering Site Matches Your Website

Your restaurant is unique. It’s got personality. To you and your patrons it’s a living being that plays an important part in your lives. Afterall, the best memories are made while breaking bread with friends and family. Shouldn’t your restaurant’s website highlight that? And even more than that, shouldn’t your online ordering site complement your website?

First, let’s talk a little about creating your restaurant’s website. Here at eHungry, we use the design of your website as the base of your online ordering site’s custom design. This helps to ensure your brand is consistent across all of your marketing pieces.

Your website should have:

  • High-quality food photos (professional if possible)
  • Clear, concise, and appealing copy and menu descriptions
  • Make restaurant hours and location obvious.
  • Social media buttons – great way to ask for Facebook and Google reviews

Your online ordering platform should be hosted on your own domain or subdomain. This helps to instill trust with your customers and reinforces your brand.

Every aspect of your restaurant’s brand should be captured on your portal. This includes the use of brand colors, your logo, and any fonts that are specific to your identity.

One of the best things about eHungry’s online ordering system is that you’re given complete control over the headers, background, colors and more.

If you’re really brave, you can even take control of the CSS.

Responsive Design
More and more people are ordering online from their mobile device. In fact, a recent survey suggested that over 60% of online orders are placed using a phone or tablet. Your online ordering portal should easily adjust to the screen size your user is on so that they get the easiest and most enjoyable experience possible.

SEO Friendliness
Search Engine Optimization is an important part of making sure your restaurant can be found on search engines like Google (by far the most used search engine). This is an easy and affordable way to appeal to new customers looking for whatever cuisine your restaurant has to order and also makes it easy for existing customers to find your ordering portal.

Integrating your online platform with your website doesn’t have to be an all-consuming project. In fact, it doesn’t have to take much from you at all. That’s one of the things we are committed to here at eHungry. We make matching your website with your online ordering site super simple. 

Check out some of these fantastic examples:

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