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Why You Need a Pizza Ordering System

According to a recent survey of more than 300 households, roughly 25 percent of respondents said they have increased their use of pizza delivery during the COVID-19 pandemic. American’s love their pizza. 

If your pizza restaurant survived pre-pandemic by taking calls for pickup and providing a charming, old world dining experience, it’s time to change your strategy. By offering an online pizza ordering system you can provide your customers with the experience they want, while not just keeping your restaurant afloat, but equipping it to thrive.

With ordering options that include delivery, contactless delivery, and curbside pick-up, a pizza ordering system is what many restaurants like yours are turning to to meet the recent changes in how restaurants operate.

Increase Revenue

If you’re like many of the restaurants we talk to, you’ve tried offering customers an online ordering option like GrubHub or UberEats, only to find your profits are being gobbled up before they ever have a chance to reach your wallet. Third party apps offer convenience to your customers, but they do little to add to your bottom line as a restaurant.

Bringing your ordering in-house allows you to have complete control over the brand and look of your online ordering system and helps you grow revenue by increasing order frequency, improving the online transaction process (often online orders have higher ticket prices than phone orders), and allowing for upsell opportunities, all at only 1.9% per order instead of the usual 25-30%.

Beat The Competition

About 58% of pizza restaurants offer online ordering. If you aren’t one of them, now is the time to hop on the online ordering train and beat the competition. Don’t find yourself scraping for a solution when your biggest competitor down the street begins stealing your customers due to the convenience of online ordering they’re offering.

More ways to beat the competition:

  • Offer curbside pick-up
  • Offer contactless delivery
  • Easy customer re-ordering 
  • Direct payment integration
  • Control order limits and prep times
  • Reduce errors by customers and staff

Try our eHungry online ordering system free for 30 days.

Understand Customers and Build Loyalty

One of the best things about a pizza ordering system is that it helps you better understand your customers and builds loyalty at the same time. Remember your goal is to keep them happy.

The data you get through orders–most ordered meals, least ordered, peak order times, email addresses–all of this allows you to better customize your customer’s experience. Not all pizza ordering systems allow you to access customer data. They keep that information for themselves. In addition to charging upwards of 30% on orders, you never have access to the data that you can use to better market to customers.

An online ordering system like eHungry allows you to own 100% of the data that you collect from customer orders.

Additionally, by offering a branded online ordering system and even an app, you’re reminding your customers that you’re there and ready to serve them however they need.

Increase Efficiency

There’s a lot that goes into running a restaurant (you know that). What if you could simplify how your restaurant and employees function? Instead of waiting for an employee to take a call, then put in an order, and hope that a person shows up to pay for the order and take the food, you cut through all that red tape. 

With a pizza ordering system your customers place the order and pay online long before they actually pick up the food. 

Because customers are placing their order and reviewing it prior to paying you’ll also see an increase in order accuracy, which can save your restaurant time and money.


Pizza is loved by so many because it’s customizable. But that can also lead to frustrations when taking an order over the phone.

Offering customers the opportunity to delegate exactly how they want their pizza made leads to more accurate orders, happier customers, and impressive money savings for you since you won’t be throwing away orders that were made incorrectly.

Increasing revenue for your pizza restaurant through a pizza ordering system is simple. In fact, eHungry can get you set up for free in two days. We’ll launch your menu, assist with site design, and, if that isn’t enough, you even get to keep customer data.

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